Team Garvin — a plethora of talent, beauty & humor.

Photo Credit: Janae Garvin

Robin, Mom & Lead Home Management

Robin has been handling the heavy load of managing the Garvin crew for 30 years. Her experience coupled with patience has helped the whole family stay tame and happy. She spends her time between SoCal Network as Director of all things kids and conversations with her friends for churches, camps, chapels, and VBS. She doesn't do Birthday Parties.

Photo Credit: Dave Peeters

Photo Credit: Dave Peeters

Glenn, Dad & Household Mr. McGarvin

Glenn has been trying to figure out family and has fortunately found an willing group of people to gain the experience he needs to feel like a dad. He spends most of his time with Royal Family KIDS overseeing a bunch of camps for children of abuse. 


Photo Credit: David Garvin

The Kids, Chief Creativity Generators

David (Top-Left), Matthew (Top-Middle)

Ally (Bottom-Left), Janae (Bottom-Middle)