I travel all over the place, telling kids about the wonderful love of their father-God.  When I talk to kids I always have the help of my very special friends.
These guys help make the Bible come alive
 through their funny personalities and remarks.



Oh, my little baby monkey. He gets so scared sometimes. When he's a naughty monkey he says, "You not the monkey - I da monkey!" But singing his favorite Monkey tunes usually helps calm him down. Will you be Georgie's friend?



Photo Credit: Janae Garvin

Sophie knows she's adorable but sometimes forgets she has "other" qualities about her that may put people off. Once you get to know her and her amazing self control, you'll really love her. 


My laid back, easy going turtle loves his mobile home and fighting bad guys (although that really wears him out). Sheldon also loves to help me tell Bible stories to the children. Just don't tell Georgie that he's "my helper." 

Sometimes he's a lil' dragon... get it - "a little dragging" like he's tired. Sparky loves to tell kids Bible stories. He wishes he could breath fire or make a puff of smoke - but just talking with a British accent will have to do. He's colorful and lots of fun.